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Crystal Installation

Installation guide

1. shut off incoming cold water line and release excess pressure by opening the faucet;

2. make sure you have the o-ring (4) in the shut off valve (3);

3. install shut off valve (3) to the cold water supply line. Use thread seal tape if necessary;
  Warning! Don’t apply any excessive force for the screw-tightening while connecting the shut off valve.

4. drill a 12 mm diameter hole in the determined place for your faucet (1);

5. string decorative support (4), rubber seal and rubber washer (5) on the faucet threaded bushing (1);

6. install the faucet (1) using washers provided (6; 7; 8) and tighten the fastening nut (9);

7. insert the tubing (10) with pressed connection (11) into the faucet threaded bushing (1) and tighten the cap nut (12);

8. insert tubing into the filter as ‘out’ arrow shows. Secure the tubing with the stopping clip (13);

9.  Insert tubing with 3\8 to 1\4 adapter (15) into the filter as ‘in’ arrow shows, up to the pipe stop and secure it with the stopping clip (13);

10. pull out the stopping clip, insert the other end of John Guest tube (14) into shut off valve outlet connection and then place the stopping clip back (13);

Warning! John Guest tubes should be inserted no less than 15mm. Pull to check that the connection is secure. It’s important not to confuse ‘in’ and ‘out’ directions of the flow, pay attention to the arrows on the housing.

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