Q: How much water does RO-101 waste?

A: Due to the efficient storage tank and valve system, Aquaphor DWM-101 RO System retains the ratio of waste-to-filtered water of below 5:1 regardless of how much water is present in the water tank or the pressure of the incoming water.For standard RO water filters, with air-on-water water tank, approximate ratio varies between 10:1 and 30:1 at approx. 45psi pressure, less efficient towards the end of the tank re-fill.Given that we often use 1 - 2 liters of filtered water at a time, Aquaphor DWM-101 RO System saves you up to 50% or 9000 liters (approx. 2400 gallons) of water per year, compared to standard RO systems that can use 10% to 30% of overall household water use.

Q: My unit is making a high pitch sound when turning on the spigot, what can I do?

A: High pitch sound when turning on the spigot could be a result of a few things. One may be that the faucet is not opened all the way, so make sure you turn the spigot all the way on. Another possibility is that the sound will just disappear after a while of regular use. That is because the faucet draws air when refilling the system and what you hear is the noise of that. Will last only for a few minutes. This is design related to all reverse osmosis systems to prevent back flow of discharge water to your faucet.

Q: How do I flush the unit during installation? The manual says 40 hours.

A: We recommend to flush 2 tanks without the RO membrane and then install RO membrane and flush the tank two more times.

Q: The water tastes different or seems a little more bitter than before the Installation.

A: Replace K7M with service cap and check the TDS reading, Aquaphor RO-101 adds essential minerals after the membrane since the reduction rate of the membrane is .01 micron.